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What We Do

Bizmerce is the only corporation in Korea that provides the world’s best Cloud Total solution, which even includes hardware. From establishing of a private cloud within a company to the hybrid cloud connected with a public cloud, we offer the Cloud Total solution that any company or cloud service businesses needs. Based on the philosophy that a cloud must be open and simple, our product has successfully combined software (wiseCLOUD) and hardware (pentaArk). We proudly present Bizmerce’s Open & Easy Cloud.

Open source-based Open Cloud

wiseCLOUD, which has been constructed upon multiple open sources from global development communities and users, offers a variety of options to establish any cloud environment desired by the company. Without depending on certain vendor solutions, it allows to establish and operate the cloud environment optimized for the needs of your company at the minimum level of TCO by utilizing numerous Hypervisor, Cloud management, automation, storage or network open-source projects.

Open architecture-based total management of heterogeneous Cloud

Virtualization, Cloud and Legacy environment, all of which are incompatible with one another, give many companies a deep concern. If your company’s IT resources with a complex, incompatible internal structure are desired to be subject to a total management, wiseCLOUD is the best solution, which is based on open architecture and offers various Hypervisor and Public Cloud services as well as APIs that are linked with not only X86 like Unix but also other heterogeneous hardware.

Automation-based Easy Cloud

Most companies still are unable to distinguish between virtualization and Cloud, and have difficulties in constructing and operating a Cloud, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that are not equipped with sufficient internal IT resources and competence. The real value of Cloud lies in the fact that a company may use the IT resources it lacks via Cloud service anytime anywhere. Through Easy Cloud operated by powerful automation functions that Bizmerce Cloud solution offers, the real benefits of Cloud are yours to enjoy.

Software definition-based Hyper Convergence

Do you still spend too much time managing complex hardware infrastructure of a data center? This is Bizmerce’s Hyper Convergence product, which combines servers, storages and network devices based on software-defined technology into a single appliance, simplifying complex hardware infrastructure and control all of them through just one web-based window. Please meet pentaArk, the product of Bizmerce’s Easy Cloud philosophy, which boasts many features including Plug & Play, allowing the easy use of Cloud infrastructure by merely connecting power and network just like any home appliances.

Our Product

All features and advantages provided by wiseCLOUD and pentaArk, the world best Cloud software and hardware created by Bizmerce, are introduced.

Open source-based Multi-Cloud management platform enabling simple composition, management and use of Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments

Features & Benefits
  • Quick and easy installation and management : by providing various wizards including Setup Wizard and provision templates, a Cloud service infrastructure can be easily and quickly organized and operated, even without having experts in Cloud within the company
  • SDx-based cost reduction : with software-defined technology (SDx), network and storage devices can be replaced with just server devices, minimizing CAPEX
  • Flexibility in use of resources : provides Rubber Band Flexibility for use of infrastructure, including auto scaling and expansion into public Cloud
  • Open architecture : a variety of virtualization and Cloud environments can be integratively managed through open API

The first Hyper-Converged Infrastructure product in Korea which integrates server, storage, and network equipment into a single appliance with software-defined technology

Features & Benefits
  • Plug & Play : Cloud services can be used by merely turning on the power and connecting to a network, and it automatically recognizes additional appliances connected to the existing cluster
  • Master & Slave automatic composition/restoration : if multiple appliances compose a cluster and a master Cloud management platform stops, it utilizes automatic restoration via a slave platform
  • Definitions for the Roles of Appliances : containing numerous functions including Cloud management platform, block storage and object storage, it is possible for users to define or modify desired roles desired to the appliances
  • Software Defined : as it provides Router, L3 and L4 Switch network and storage functions with software defined technology, no extra network or storage devices are needed, which leads to significant cost reductions
  • Intelligent Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) : in a private Cloud environment, it provides various tools to not only automatically expand to Public Cloud such as AWS and MS Azure but also utilize them
  • Auto upgrade and Template Market : supports automatic upgrades when the OS of an appliance undergoes a version upgrade and provides a VM template market enabling users to use various pre-configured VMs

Our Solution

What needs does your company have? Whether you are a small company that wishes to establish a simple, fast internal Cloud environment or a large corporation that wants to unify complex Cloud environments and construct a single high-level environment, or even a Cloud service business desiring to build a Public Cloud service infrastructure, wiseCLOUD and PentaArk will solve your company’s diverse concerns and needs related to Cloud.

Private Cloud

The existing IT infrastructure may be utilized through wiseCLOUD to construct a Private Cloud environment or an already established and offered environment can be introduced using PentaArk.

Public Cloud Service

Cloud service companies that wish to offer Public Cloud services can quickly establish a stable Cloud-based infrastructure for provision of services, thanks to wiseCLOUD.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

The flexibility of IT resources may be insufficient with a Private Cloud infrastructure only. Through several features to connect to Public Cloud services including AWS provided by wiseCLOUD, the capacity can be quickly expanded whenever desired without any internal enlargement of infrastructure, which results in cost reduction and maximization of IT and business flexibility.


Companies’ use of VDI is being accelerated for cost reduction and security in IT. Through wiseCLOUD and pentaArk, which are merged with a variety of VDI solutions, cost reduction and productivity can be maximized.

Data Center Consolidation

Most companies spend a great amount of money and effort into management of data centers, which have become complicated by various hardware, heterogeneous virtualization and Cloud environments. wiseCLOUD and pentaArk can help simplifying and automating complex data center management.

Disaster Recovery

In this era of Big Data, data has become more and more essential core resources for companies, which has led to the protection and immediate restoration, when problems arise, of such important corporate data being the most critical mission by any company. For this, Bizmerce’s Cloud product line presents DR solutions.

Test & Development

As corporate environments speedily change, time-to-market for products and services has increasingly become a company’s core competitiveness. wiseCLOUD helps successful execution of the IT team’s mission to provide test and development environment that supports fast time-to-market.

Big Data

For collection and analysis of Big Data, the value of Cloud as the base infrastructure has become more essential. Through wiseCLOUD, ways to effectively construct Big Data-based infrastructure are proposed.

Branch Office

If you’re concerned about IT infrastructure to be set up at a branch or a store with insufficient manpower to manage it, pentaArk is the solution. It can swiftly establish Cloud infrastructure and manage from the headquarters via a single interface without requiring on-site IT personnel, leading to cost reduction and quality improvement in IT services.

Your Benefit

Cost reduction is not the only benefit your company can enjoy by using wiseCLOUD and pentaArk. We introduce the benefits of Bizmerce Cloud products that increase the flexibility and speed of IT, and ultimately the company’s competitiveness.


Through various automation functions within Self Service portal, which makes the work of IT administrator simple and efficient, the level of Cloud management can be raised while maximizing work productivity.

Lower TCO

wiseCLOUD and pentaArk enables basic construction and reduction in operation cost provided by virtualization and Cloud in addition to minimization of investment into infrastructure due to software-defined technology and connections to Public Cloud.

Rubber band Flexibility

Through Intelligent Cloud Service Brokerage function offered by both wiseCLOUD and pentaArk, several Public Cloud services can be combined for use, maximizing the flexibility in utilization of IT resources.

Green IT

pentaArk’s Hyper-convergence enables cost reduction in colocation and electricity resulting from downsizing and, thus, supports the materialization of Green IT at your company.

24x7 Operation

Through features such as Public Cloud, local and remote location backup and automatic failover, continuous operation is possible even during a period of failure or maintenance, and immediate restoration of failures is supported.

Faster Time to market

ON-Demand IT service offered through Bizmerce’s Cloud solutions enables fast application testing and development, thus contributing to strengthened corporate competitiveness.

Resource Center

Along with multimedia materials related to Cloud technology and products our company owns, the latest in-depth information on Cloud as a whole will be provided.

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